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Welcome to, owned and operated by was born out of a need for a high quality, low cost and search engine focused property listing service. We have filled this gap with, a high quality, low cost and search focused property listing service.

Whether you’re selling a property you own or selling a property on behalf of a client, your main aim is to sell the property for the highest price possible. A property, just like any other item, is only worth what people will pay for it. The best method to obtain the highest price possible is to generate as much interest as you can in the property. The more interest that a property has, the more interested parties there will be and the more offers the property will receive.

Below is a list of all the reasons that we are the best online property listing service around. You can skip the description and signup for your free account now if you like.

Why Free?

One question that we get asked again and again is “why is it free?”. All of our projects evolve around a core belief in providing a free account wherever possible. As such, also has a free account that allows you to have one active property. This does not mean that you can only list one property, it means that you can only have one property active at any given time. If you are an agent, you can list a property and when it is sold or rented, you can list another property in its place.

Free accounts are NOT trial accounts or introductory accounts, they are free accounts that are free for life. You can upgrade/downgrade to or from other account types such as Basic, Pro and Pro Plus at any time you like.

Core Areas will help you generate interest in your property because we have focused on a number of core areas:

Sleek design – looks sell, you do not simply throw together a flier about a property, you hire a professional to ensure that your flier looks great. People do not like to look at ugly things. When you present a property, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. provides high quality and beautiful looking property listings. Other property listing websites look more like classified adverts with little if any focus on the management of the properties that the websites contain.

Single page listing – Every property on is displayed on its own page. There is absolutely no limit to how large this page is, you decide how big it is by the amount of text that you enter.

Advanced search – Every other property listing website that we have seen does not have a good, or even acceptable search function. When people are looking for a property, they are looking for a specific type of property. They do not want to look through thousands of unsorted properties, they want to enter their requirements and see properties that meet these requirements. Our search function covers every area of a property. The user simply enters in their requirements and there will only be properties within the search results that match these minimum requirements.

The search bar is shown at the top of every property page. Go ahead, go and search for a property just like the one you want to list and you will see how close our search works, selecting only properties that meet your requirements.

Search engine friendly – This is absolutely vital as there are tens of thousands of people who search Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines looking for properties to buy. We ensure that your property is submitted to search engines who then index the property and list it within relevant search results. We ensure that your property receives the maximum possible exposure.

Direct Comparison

Below, we will show you a direct comparison between other property listings and Remember that these comparisons are only for the issue that they are printed in while your listing on will remain active until the property is sold or rented.

buy & sell - free

Source: Buy & Sell
Price: Free
Limitations: No photos, 80 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)

buy & sell - all caps

Source: Buy & Sell
Price: ₱60
Limitations: No photos, 110 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)

buy & sell - broken lines

Source: Buy & Sell
Price: ₱150
Limitations: No photos, 150 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)

buy & sell - dotted lines

Source: Buy & Sell
Price: ₱180
Limitations: No photos, 150 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)


buy & sell - reverse circle

Source: Buy & Sell
Price: ₱250
Limitations: No photos, 100 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)

buy & sell - special reverse square

Source: Buy & Sell
Price: ₱350
Limitations: No photos, 150 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)

property finder - tab ad

Source: Property Finder
Price: ₱200
Limitations: No photos, 150 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)

property finder - photo ad

Source: Property Finder
Price: ₱600
Limitations: 1 photo, 150 characters max (including spaces and punctuation)

Now let me show you how a free property listing looks on our website. The property listing is so large, I will show you each section of the property listing and tell you what it does. You can view the entire property listing by clicking here (opens in new window).


Each property listing has an introduction section at the top of the listing. This allows prospective buyers to quickly see at a glance, the main features of the property. This includes the property listing title, location and “on show” status.

property intro 1

Directly below this, there is the property price, floorspace in square meters, number of garages, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and a “contact agent” button. When someone clicks on the “contact agent” button, it presents them with a form. Once submitted, the form is sent straight to the agent who listed the property via e-mail. The e-mail is formatted so that when the agent replies, it goes straight back to the email address of the person who submitted the form. This creates a seamless and professional contact method for your property listing.

property intro 2


The description can be as long as you like. It is entirely up to you how much text you enter. There is no limit to the number of characters that you use. You can describe every room or just focus on the main selling points of your property. It is up to you.

property description

Social Bookmarks

The vast majority of people have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and they love to share. We include the most popular social bookmarks so that anyone viewing a property listing can share the property on their facebook or twitter account which will include a link to the property listing on our site. This helps to generate more interest in the property and increases the number of prospective buyers that will contact you via the “contact agent” button.

If you look at the image below, you will see that this property has already been shared twice on Facebook and twice on Twitter, although the property has only been listed for a few days.

property bookmarks


The features are a vital part of the property listing as it highlights a lot of the main selling points of the property. This confirms the description and focuses the interest on the properties core features.

property features


You can add as many images as you like to the property listing. The first image you add is used when displaying the property on our front page as well as within categories and search results. When viewing a property listing on a single page, all of the images are used within the gallery. The gallery automatically slides from one image to the next. Any image can be loaded by clicking on the thumbnail below the gallery. Clicking on the large image will load the image in full screen. Small images will be shown as their real size, while large images will be scaled down to fit onto your screen.

property gallery

Map (optional)

We use Google Maps to display a map showing the location of the property. This is optional as some agents do not want to show the exact location of the property. It is a great feature as it allows prospective buyers to see the location of the property as well as the surrounding area such as Malls, Tricycle Terminals, Jeepney Terminals, Bus Terminals, Main Roads etc.

property map

Virtual Tour (optional)

A virtual tour is a video that shows the property to prospective buyers. This is an ideal opportunity for you to show people around the property without having to spend the time doing it for every person who wants to view the property. It will allow you to focus the prospective buyers attention on the main selling points of the property.

property virtual tour

As you can see, listing your property with for free is very beneficial and will help you sell or rent your property.

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Not only do you get a lovely property listing, we also submit your property to our Facebook Fanpage, Twitter and all search engines. Read more about the listing process and what we do to promote your property and give you extra mileage at no extra cost. We even have a full user guide for all members which takes you through every process step by step.